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Performances & Competitions

Performances are so important for students to succeed in their music studies,

they provide a sense of accomplishment and motivates them to learn more difficult pieces.

Award Ceremony Recital at the prestigious and gorgeous Steinway Piano Gallery Miami

We offer several performing opportunities when available. We understand not all of our students like to perform, so while we highly recommend that they do, all participation is optional.

Recognition is given to all our piano students, from beginners to advanced. Trophies, medals, ribbons, certificates, and many awards are given annually at our award ceremonies.

The recitals are a time for our Music Stars to shine on stage! 

Most of our Award Ceremony Recitals have been held at the gorgeous and prestigious

Steinway & Sons Piano Gallery Miami in the beautiful city of Coral Gables.

As The Superintendent of The Miami-Dade County Youth Fair’s Performing Arts Piano Competitions we organize and prepare students to participate in the Youth Fair & Exposition's Performing Arts Piano Solo Competition.

Registration for this event is Free + All our students get FREE entrance tickets to The Fair!


We also prepare students for Stage Masters Concerts,

Young Talent Big Dreams Competition

at The Miracle Theatre hosted by The Children’s Trust,

Steinway & Son’s Junior Competitions,

Making Music Fun Online Music Stars Competition

and many other performances when available.

A Christmas Celebration! 

A beautiful performance by one of our talented students at the elegant and prestigious Steinway Piano Gallery Miami

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