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Little Music Stars

Little Music Stars are private piano instruction

tailored for our very young students ages 4-6.

Music Games & Apps

All children enjoy the use of learning apps during their weekly lesson and it inspires them to keep learning and exploring music. Music games are always engaging and help students learn musical concepts, signs and symbols quickly.


We feel that learning should be fun and not another chore!

Special Course for Very Young Children

We use courses that specialize on very young children. Our favorite is The Alfre’d Prep Course where the child will begin playing by finger numbers, quickly progress into the key names and will soon learn music notation

all while having fun, coloring and playing.

Piano Lesson Fun!
Piano Lesson Fun!
Learning to read music notation!
Learning Piano Key Names!
Having Fun with Friends at a Competition!
Learning Patterns of Black Keys!
Building Music Scales with Blocks!
Learning with Music Games!
Practicing Before the Audience Arrives!
Trophy Winner Happiness!!

Little Music Stars

Awaken Possibility!

It is a proven fact that when children play with musical instruments, 

specifically percussion instruments like the acoustic piano, it can be very valuable to their development.

Playing the piano helps to build fine and gross motor skills and supports sensory development.


Schedule your 1st Little Music Stars 

Private Piano Lesson in the comfort of your home.

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