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As a Steinway Educational Partner I always recommend Steinway pianos and Steinway designed pianos like the Essex or Boston pianos to all my students, it is of utmost importance that a beginner student has a proper instrument to develop the skills needed to become a good pianist. 

If you are investing in private piano instructions I recommend you invest in a Steinway Piano as well to get the most out of your music lessons. I do not advise to start with an electronic keyboard because it will not help develop finger strength, technic, nor any of the command of touches needed to interpret a musical piece correctly. 

Some people think they can learn to play an instrument without having an instrument to practice at home with, but it is impossible to become a pianist without a piano! You need a piano from lesson one. 

A Piano and a keyboard are not the same at all, sure they both have keys, but they feel completely different and sound different too!
A simple way to explain this would be to ask you to think about which car you would prefer to drive if money was not a problem....a transportation vehicle that you can get on Craigslist for $400 or a brand new Mercedes Benz? What would you tell me if I told you that it doesn't matter which car you get because they each have 4 wheels anyway? Can you imagine! That is the difference from a keyboard to an acoustic piano.

I hope you make the right decision and choose to begin your piano lessons on your very own Steinway.

Steinway Piano Gallery has some of the most beautiful pianos and a very convenient and affordable RENTAL PROGRAM with option to purchase.

For Further information call Tel: (305)0922-6684
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Steinway Piano Gallery Miami


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