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The National Guild of Piano Teachers
American College of Musicians

   National Piano-Playing Auditions.     
The National Guild of Piano Teachers is one of the most important divisions of the American College of Musicians. The primary function of the NGPT is to establish definite goals and awards for piano students of all levels and creates goals for the earliest beginner as well as the artistic adult; goals for the slow pupil as well as the gifted prodigy.

These goals attempt to prevent aimless drifting and give music study some definite direction and provide a measurement for progress. All piano students have a yearly opportunity to attain these goals through non-competitive adjudication in the annual National Piano-Playing Auditions. Auditions are private (student and judge only) with well qualified musicians serving as judges. Students are judged on individual merit in the areas of accuracy, continuity, phrasing, pedaling, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, tone, interpretation, style, and technique.
The National (and International) Fraternity of Student Musicians
is an organization consisting of students participating in Guild Auditions. Since Auditions are held abroad as well as in the U.S., 
the Fraternity of Student Musicians is international in scope. These students automatically become members of the NFSM and are entitled to yearly auditions, pins, certificates, and report cards.

Since we are an active member of The National Guild of Piano Teachers (Teacher Division of The American College of Musicians) and a Sponsor-Member of the National Fraternity of Student Musicians (Student Division of The American College of Musicians) we desire to have as many of our students qualify for NFSM Membership to ensure quality learning and advancement for each of our students.
Passing an audition also allows you to participate in a special annual award ceremony to earn trophies and additional awards.
Please contact us for your participation in National Piano-Playing Auditions, each one of our student's progress is of utmost importance.

Tel: (305) 922-6684

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