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   Little Music Stars 
 Pre-Kinder Piano Instruction for ages 4-6

Very Small Children ages 4-6 begin to learn how to play the piano by finger numbers and note values. Music Theory is taught through fun stories, games and coloring using the famous Alfred method; Music for Little Mozarts.

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Music for Little Mozarts

Music for Little Mozarts has four levels. Most students complete the series in approximately two years. Three correlating books at each level guide the children through a comprehensive approach to learning music. Music Lesson Books introduce students to new musical concepts as they follow the story of Beethoven Bear™, Mozart Mouse and their Music Friends™. Piano pieces are sequentially introduced throughout the story
adventure. Music Workbooks contain pages to color that reinforce the musical concepts introduced in the Music Lesson Books.

The Music Lesson Books

The Music Lesson Book is the core of the course. Students are introduced to new musical concepts and the performance of pieces at the piano. The story of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse™ sets the stage for music study at the beginning and continues on each subsequent page. Other characters throughout the book serve as a springboard for introducing students to major composers from the four main musical style periods.

New concepts are introduced and carefully reinforced throughout the book. Each page contains a fragment of the story as background for each new concept or new piece of music, as well as practice instructions to read to the student. Many pages also offer helpful hints to the teacher and parents for effective instruction and practice.

The music was written to develop finger dexterity in young children and includes clever lyrics that will appeal to the student's imagination. Accompaniments for the teacher or parent are notated for each piece. 


Music Friends™ Plush Toys 

Beethoven Bear An inquisitive bear who lives in a big house with two children and their toys, Beethoven Bear begins hopping on the piano keys in Lesson Book 1.

Mozart Mouse An adventurous toy mouse who begins exploring the children's Music Room in Lesson Book 1, Mozart Mouse is a quick learner who composes beautiful music and enjoys performing.

Nannerl Mouse A charming toy mouse who plays the piano extremely well, Nannerl Mouse is Mozart Mouse’s older sister and is first introduced in Lesson Book.

Professor Haydn Hippo A music instructor, conductor and toy mascot in the music class at school, Professor Haydn Hippo is first introduced in Lesson Book 3.

Clara Schumann-Cat An elegant real cat who comes from a musical family where everyone plays the piano, Clara 
Schumann-Cat is first introduced in Lesson Book 2.

Nina Ballerina A graceful toy ballerina whose parents both danced in the Russian ballet many years ago, Nina Ballerina is first introduced in Lesson Book 3.

Elgar E. Elephant A lovable trombone player who always encourages his friends to make music, Elgar E. Elephant is first introduced in Lesson Book 1.

Pachelbel Penguin A walking encyclopedia of musical history with an attractive white wig and quill pen, Pachelbel Penguin is first introduced in Lesson Book 2.

Puccini Pooch A friendly toy dog who is a well-trained opera singer, Puccini Pooch is first introduced in Lesson Book 4.

J. S. Bunny A fun fellow who comes from a very musical family and plays the cello, J. S. Bunny is first introduced in Lesson Book 2.

The workbooks

The Music Workbook reinforces each concept presented in the Music Lesson Book through carefully designed pages for children to color. It also specifically focuses on the training and development of the ear. The Workbook is coordinated page by page with the Music Lesson Book.

Coloring Books

Use the Coloring Books as a story extension of the curriculum, for motivation when away from home or traveling, or to engage a younger sibling in a "pretend" music class.

Miami Music Stars 
Little Music Stars ages 4-6
 (We also use Alfred's Prep Course and other courses.)

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