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About Us  
Miami Music Stars is committed to providing the most complete musical education from Pre-Kindergarten through High School levels in Piano.

We are very concerned with our students learning to read music accurately and their correct understanding of rhythm, interpretation of dynamics and polishing the art of their performances as well as their love and appreciation of music.                                                                      
We're looking forward to meeting new young talents!


Here's what we offer:

1- NATIONAL PIANO-PLAYING AUDITIONS; As a member of the American college of Musicians we offer preparation for their National Piano-Playing Auditions held annually at 
University of Miami Frost School of Music. 

2- AWARD CEREMONY RECITALS; Trophies, medals, ribbons, certificates, and many awards are given annually at our awards ceremonies. The Recitals are a time for our Music Stars to shine on stage! 

3- CONTEST AND EVENT PARTICIPATION; We prepare students to participate in contests such as the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair & Exposition Performing Arts Piano Solo competition, Stage Masters Competitions and many other events when available.



4- PRE-RECITAL AUDITIONS; This is a time for fun! 
This is a student reunion for a small rehearsal before a show, contest, recital or event. It includes MUSIC GAMES and snacks. It's like a party just for the kids, where students get to fellowship and know each other better and make new friends who share the same love of music. This familiar atmosphere helps them feel more at home and relaxed when performing. We believe music should always be fun and enjoyable!


We offer piano instruction for very young students ages 4-6 using fun books and materials, teaching them to play by finger numbers and coloring for theory instruction. Young children learn music while playing.



Call to Schedule a Trial Lesson $12

Tel: (305) 922-6684      

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